Entre Nous

Since 1992 Claude Ducloux has been writing a regular legal humor column for the Austin Bar Journal. The Column, called "Entre Nous" (translated: "Between us") has been a favorite of Austin lawyers according to reader surveys. Frequently, these articles are re-printed by other legal journals, magazines and newsletters. A small sampling of those articles are contained in this website. The State Bar of Texas honored this work in 2003 with the "Best Article Series" Award at the State Bar Annual Convention.

Lost in Translation - Again (March 2019)

As time marches on, the complex language of technology usurps primacy in the operation of a law office. How can we keep up?

Truth On Trial (Dec 2018)

What if the concept of truth had to appear in court, subject to the withering testimony of Bias, Fear, Perception, and Equivocation. Who wins??

We're in Siri-ous Trouble (June 2018)

An interview with "Siri" - who turns out to be a Russian Spy!

Let (the Right Kind of) Freedom Ring! (Sept 2017)

Humorous exploration of the hypocrisy of the call for more freedom- except when it interferes with politics

The Death of the Swearing Match (June 2017)

How the treasure trove of information obtained through computer analysis tragically makes the need for clever cross-examination obsolete

Hold Me Very Closely (June 2016)

A humorous look at the use and misuse of "Closely-held Beliefs" to Improve your life.

Byte Me! The Conspiracy of My Office Machines (Dec 2012)

How my office equipment plots against me to ruin my day!

Family Form Foes Fight Fiercely (June 2012)

The kerfuffle over the promulgation of do-it-yourself Divorce Forms.

Why I’m Better Than You (2011)

Time to start our own self congratulatory Academy.

The Eternal Learning Curve (Sep 2010)

How I learned to use a Mac computer without any tattoos.

Courting So So (2009)

A fictitious training session to prepare Supreme court nominee Sonia Sotomayor for Congressional testimony.

What Are You Askin’ Me For? (2008)

Jeez… who taught these kids to talk?

The Secret to Weight Loss: Fine Dining (2008)

The more ghastly the bill, the tinier the portions.

What Price Fame? (Feb 2007)

A humorous look at the hokey “Superlawyer” phenomenon.

Death By Arbitration (Jan 2006)

A scary look at a dispute resolution gone awry.

A Time To Lead (2005)

Re-emphasizing the importance of legal profession’s duty to the social debate.

You Don’t Have Voice-Mail? (Sept 2004)

Why I don’t like those “digital packets of malpractice.”

We, the Scapegoats (2003)

Deconstructing Texas’ Med-Mal Crisis

The Election Special (2002)

A humorous look at the ugly elections we’ve come to expect.

Throw Me a Mediator, My Law Leaks (1996)

Or how the Supreme Court changed the DTPA to help Shell Oil Co.

GoodBye, Sweet Surety

What happens when an insurance Defense Lawyer finally realizes he's been "had" by his longtime client? (have a hanky handy)