Family Law

Philosophy - Claude brings his overall legal philosophy to the practice of family law (divorce work). That philosophy is: "How can I be a problem solver, and resolve this matter quickly and inexpensively, preserving courtesy, dignity, and do justice for the parties?" For many clients, divorces are frequently the most emotionally traumatic events of their lives. Unfortunately, the pain and anger can lead to bad judgment, including spending too much to resolve a relatively small case.

Fairness - Claude first and foremost counsels clients to be reasonable, fair, and objective in resolving a divorce matter. Due to the frequency of divorces in our society, the primary governing law in Texas, the TEXAS FAMILY CODE, is very specific on how many matters are to be resolved. Therefore, "winning" a divorce case may simply mean receiving 5% more than "losing" a divorce case.

Put Kids First, but Plan for the Future - Of primary importance when children are involved is preserving some boundaries for an ongoing relationship the parties must necessarily have to properly communicate and co-parent their children. Both common sense, and Texas law, require that the best interests of the children remain paramount.

Mediation Experience - Claude is regularly hired by other attorneys to mediate the final terms of divorce settlements. He has been very successful in bringing closure and finality to dozens of couples going through the process.

Clients should feel comfortable making an appointment to discuss any matter without long term obligation.