Administrative Law

Administrative law is the representation of clients before State Agencies and Commissions which may either regulate or license the client's profession or business. Texas has empowered numerous agencies and licensing authorities to wield great power over business and professional practice. Austin attorneys have a unique opportunity to represent clients in front of these agencies, which are generally headquartered in Austin.

Elsewhere on this website, there are "Links" to various state agencies, where clients and attorneys can download information, rules, and explanations of the nature of the agency and its powers.

Claude's administrative practice regulary includes representing various licensed professionals before their state boards. This has included, doctors, nurses, accountants, other lawyers, surveyors, and law students seeking licensure (before the State Board of Law Examiners).

In the event a particular client loses his/her case, Claude has represented the client in the administrative appellate process, generally involving a petition to the District Court of Travis County.

Please feel free to make inquiry or appointments concerning any questions you have about administrative practice.